Architecting the digital
Kyiv Type Foundry

Developing a small web store for a type foundry working with Cyrillic-based heritage. The store offers different licenses affecting the price, online payment, fonts download and mailing with the attached fonts and generated PDF-invoice. Developed with React (using hooks), NextJS, Context API, Stripe API and GraphCMS

web development
Ukrainian Judiciary

Transforming bureaucratic newspaper into litigations tracker. The service helps to find trial cases including their history, status and details. As well as to find a court, prepare a valid application to the court and get information about judiciary


Chrome browser extension to block objectionable Facebook posts. It gets a keyword from a user, checks all posts rendered by Facebook and delete them if they contain a certain keyword. Developed using AngularJS, MutationObserver and Chrome Storage

web development

Сreating enterprise applications designed to automate processes within the company. The apps could be divided into two categories: a) CRM systems in the fields of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and legal; and b) internal HR & Coaching applications.

KTF Jermilov

KTF Jermilov is a modular display font following the typographical practice of Kharkiv avant-garde artist and designer Vasyl Jermilov. As a representative of its era, it shares constructivist ideals of "the struggle against super- fluity", striving for universality and convenience.

type design
Kyiv School of Economics

Shaping image of an impactful educational institution in Economics and transforming its digital representation into a service where a scholar could easily find available programs as well as get to know more about the school’s community

Marrying the Impossible

Organizing and assisting an experimental lettering workshop Marrying the Impossible as a part of an own Kyiv School educational initiative. Considering type as fundamental to design the workshop helps a student to explore type, discover its forms and create its DNA for further font face development

workshop organization
IYDC 2019

Creating seasonal image for young designers international fashion contest. Inspiried by vernacular typographical practise of stretching Arial font and distorted images as a metaphor for street visual noise