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IYDC 2019

Creating seasonal image for young designers international fashion contest. Inspiried by vernacular typographical practise of stretching Arial font and distorted images as a metaphor for street visual noise


The mission of 2019 season could be described litteraly as placing Kyiv on the international fashion map. To make its position distinct the working group decided to make emphasis on what Kyiv is unique in and loved for.

No one visits Kyiv for Gucci-like fashion. Kyiv is a tabula rasa for creating new forms, arising from the lack of fashion heritage, design povera, and obsession with digital culture


The visual image was based on two scenarios put in a contradiction. A) The first one interpretes design povera with cheap greyscale palette and Arial typeface as the most popular choice for vernacular typography. B) On contrary the second one is a series of a superbright collages (made by Snizhana Chernetska) reffering to the street visual noise.

“Grey weekdays” & supercolorful povera is a unique inspiring optics IYDC provides for a global citizen of fashion


The image was created together with Ukrainian Fashion Week and represented on event webpage, invitations, banners, badges, flyers, diplomas. Whereas collages were presented as accompanying visuals on stands and social media.