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KTF Jermilov 2021

KTF Jermilov is a modular display font following the typographical practice of Kharkiv avant-garde artist and designer Vasyl Jermilov. As a representative of its era, it shares constructivist ideals of "the struggle against super- fluity", striving for universality and convenience.

type design

The font consists of two utilitarian principles: a) uppercase letters composed of limited geometric elements based on a 3x5 square grid, b) lowercase signature letter 'a'. The authors' estate has been thoroughly analyzed and translated in font of 2 cuts (solid and stencil) with ten interchangeable stylistic sets enhancing the initial idea of a “font-constructor” and generating countless variations.

The font in two cuts: 'Solid' and 'Stencil' will be released on Kyiv Type Foundry web store on June 9th, 2021