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ONY 2021

Designing an interior design manufacturer corporate website and a typefaces web store. Prototyping, making animations, discovering unconventional UI visual design solutions, communicating with the client and delivering hi-fi designs

visual design

For Martela corporate website I worked on a simplistic visual design style, consisting of outlined components and four colors: light blue, red, black, and white. Also as a contributing designer, I was asked to develop 5 interactive infographics in a minimalistic manner, turning a regular corporate website into a finely designed & ‘gamified’ place to discover the advantages of the client.

ONY studio pays particular attention to visual design, recognizing its power to create memorable experiences

ONY typefaces

ONY studio developed its own typefaces and decided to make its own typefaces web store. So I worked on the layout of the website, and the responsive designs, namely turning the desktop version into a tablet and the mobile one. Also, I helped to analyze the website from the usability perspective, and at the same time to find unconventional UI solutions, combining those factors to create a unique, but user-friendly experience.